About Us

Macan Bio-Technologies Ltd. is incorporated in the Macao Special Administrative Region in accordance with the "Macao Commercial Code". The business scope of the company is: research in innovative biotechnology and life science, development and production of medical devices and scientific systems, sales and maintenance of medical devices, project management and consultancy services. We are the representative and sales agent of the Canadian company Zellchip Technologies Inc. (www.zellchip.com) in Macao. We manage their business in the Macao region.

Company Vision

The development and provision of quality life sciences and bio-technology research, and continuous innovation and research plus development of related products and services.


Firstly, we are committed to the development of innovation and technology, assist the medical community to lift the suffering of the sick patients and improve their health. In view of the fact that the most serious challenges facing the world today is how to fight cancer, as a company engaged in innovative biotechnology, we will work hard to contribute to the process of discovery and development of medical laboratory equipment and of the R & D, manufacturing and commercial operations of innovative drugs to treat some of the world's most serious diseases.

Secondly, we are also very ambitious in the spread and development of traditional Chinese medicine. Our mission is to use the latest biotechnology as well as biological information processing on traditional medicine. This will make the clinical application of Chinese herbal medicines producing scientific evidence and thus has strong backing. This will also standardize the testing of quality and the authentication of Chinese herbal medicines.

Thirdly, through our committed effort in the economic contribution of our business operations, and in our products and services beneficial to the Macau environment and society, and in frank exchange of ideas with the community of Macau, we will achieve the goal of giving back to the society of Macau.